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SUPERLUMINAL – The first and only Solar Electric production Supercars in the world that are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy. Pure solar-powered performance. Based upon our extraordinary accomplishments to date, it is clear that SILENT-SUPERCARS represents the future of supercar driving. Its not about SPEED!  fuel saving is earth saving.

Conventional cars are powered by fuel- or gas-and now some electric engines. Additionally, some release damaging fumes into our environment. Depending on the size of the vehicle, and the fuel type we can now go beyond the call that nature has gifted us with, the sun. Fuel and oil leaks and expensive services are now becoming outdated thanks to the release of this new technology. When sitting at a cafe you are breathing in poisonous fumes every day but not with a Silent supercar. You pull up silently and whilst having your lunch and cup of tea you are watching the sun fuel your supercar.

Others who use a combustion-engine is inevitably combined with noise, exhausts and vibrations as well as oily films in the air and on the ground: Not the nicest experience in an otherwise quiet street to hear a loud conventionally powered car.

ONLY  ( 44 ) Exclusive Solar Electric Silent Supercars will be released for purchase in the world – Excluding Black. In BLACK There will be only ( 4 ) Silent-Stealth and ( 4 ) Silent-Superluminal Supercars Released Globally.

Silent Supercars

Solar power meets supercar driving

SILENT-SUPERCARS offers you a completely new experience of nature, without noise or exhausts.

We have developed a modular and scalable system that removes the operation-of fuel and gas-engines taking fuel consumption to zero. The SILENT System is simpler, needs less maintenance and costs less than any conventional fuel-depending on propulsion and energy-supply. At the same time it grants higher performance, speed, independence, reliability and safety.

Do you want to have a leave behind you clean air when you drive? and have more room than a normal supercar to fit your kids in? Do you want to go for solar-electric propulsion? Are you the owner of car that you spend more time in smelly fuel stations and booking your car in for a expensive service or cleaning up the oil spills from your garage floor? If you want to change all this and own a car that you do not have to service the engine for approx next 50 years.


SILENT-SUPERCARS will release only 44 exclusive limited edition Solar Electric Supercars – Excluding ( 4 ) Silent-Stealth and (4) Black Silent-Superluminal Supercars.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest.

Congratulations to the team on their incredible achievement!