CNC Foam Mold Solar Roof

We are in the process of using the highest quality CNC machinery to carve out the perfect shape for our solar roof from a CNC foam mold. This innovative technology allows for our solar roof to have an aerodynamic curvature. A curved solar cell roof such as this is hard to achieve as the solar cells could break if not for the use of the CNC machinery. The engineers and designer have created the roof in such a way that it is curved in a single direction also to stop the cells from breaking. 


Solar Cell Roof

Silent supercars has developed a new custom made solar cell roof. This hads been achieved by choosing high efficiency, individual, flexible cells to be soldered together. Two panels were created in alignment with the aesthetics of the vehicle. The high quality materials and innovative engineering bring the total solar capacity to 400 watts.

The connected cells within the panels require flexibility to fit within the glass encapsulation safely. To ensure the protection of the cells, they have been molded in between two toughened curved glass panels.

Torque Box, Design and parts


The ev-Torque Box is based on a simple yet brute strength compound

planetary gear set. All ev units employ helical cut 8620 gears that have

been specially hardened. There is no heat producing pump, no heat

producing friction clutch packs or brake bands in our design. An input

shaft, a gear set and an output shaft, with everything rollerized – not

bushed, its that simple, that strong and runs that cool.

All ev-Torque Box units are run in and torque tested and then the test oil is

drained. This is done because none of the freight delivery companies will

delivery our product with oil in it. 


Our input shaft splines into the reaction sun gear located in the rear of the

planetary carrier so they always turn together and at the same speed. The

sun gear is in constant mesh with the long pinion gears and they in turn

are in constant mesh with and so drive the short pinion gears. The short

pinion gears are in constant mesh with the stationary gear and because it

is stationary they must rotate around its diameter and in so doing drive the

carrier and integral output shaft.

Silent Supercars Logo Badge Design – Stealth, Superluminal, SC1 and SC2

Silent supercars have completed the vehicle’s branding badges. This includes two design options. One is made from gold embossed material, to be on the Stealth and Superluminal models. The other is in white and gold collage, for the SC1 And SC2. Both variations are encapsulated in resin for durability. They will appear in the following internal and external places on the vehicle: 

  •      Bonnet
  •      Rear Boot
  •      Right and Left hand side
    front quarter panels
  •       4 x wheel badge
  •      1 x steering wheel

Security Camera and Blinker Design

The silent supercar has built-in rear vision cameras to replace rear vision mirrors on the left and right hand side of the vehicle.

It also has built-in cameras on the front and rear grills for complete protective vision and recording use. This projects four live camera pictures onto the internal vehicle monitor screen. On the front facing side of the rear vision cameras there is a futuristic blinker, providing a seamless exterior design, as shown in the model pictures.

The design was focused on cultivating aerodynamic engineering as a part of strategic planning. This ensures the silent supercar vehicles are at the most optimal level of wind drag efficiency.

CNC Foam Mold Silent Supercar

Silent supercars have utilized advanced CNC machines to complete all vehicle foam mold body parts for visual and fitment purposes. This is a crucial and exciting step towards the manufacturing of lightweight carbon fiber body panels. Stage one involves the completion of spraying, sanding and preparing all foam parts to create the highest quality carbon panels. At this time the vehicle excels for the first time, as all parts will be fitted once this process is completed.