About Silent-Supercars

Silent Supercars is a solar electric driven company that developed solar powered propulsion for the yachting and supercar industry. The director has been dealing with electric engines for 44 years of tried and proven success. Silent Supercars was founded in 2019 by the Director of Sunpower Yachts Australia Grant Hudson who had a passion for solar electric propulsion systems with a goal to remove fuel from the high-end industry of supercars and yachting manufacturing to reduce global emissions.


The Problem to Solve

Over 50% of Purchasers within the Supercars and Yachting sectors would prefer to buy solar electric propulsion the only thing that stands in their way is availability, price, technology that we now have and product choice within the market that is available for purchase right now. Most electric vehicles need a large volume of battery’s which adds high cost, we add solar panels to reduce battery weight and cost which also benefits the environment as it reduces need for charge stations which creates yet another environment problem.


Silent-Supercars Solution


  1. Silent Supercars custom manufactured solar roof uses the sun as our charging station. When you own a silent supercar and are sitting down enjoying a cup of tea or having your lunch your supercar is charging under light of day whilst others have the need to stop refuel their vehicle and pay for fuel.
  2. Silent Supercars benefits are one the first service is due after 50 years and removes all the unnecessary parts including fuel and oil which number two also benefits the environment from the production of unnecessary parts and service and three saves you money in the long run.
  3. In summary our technology is focused on sun power, reducing Co2 emissions, and producing a product which needs limited propulsion system maintenance in your lifetime, is more energy efficient, delivery more range which allows you to travel further without charging. Silent Supercars calls this (free of charge).
















Worlds First Solar Electric Supercar

Silent Supercars are unique being the world’s first solar electric road legal supercar. It has made us the leaders is the world on an environmentally friendly playing field offering the solution for everyone. As we move into the future this will reduce the need for charge stations and remove yet another unnecessary part of plugging society into the system of controlled consumables.

Silent Supercars will also offer an efficient Solar Electric Propulsion Systems for interested vehicle manufacturers as a part of helping the vehicle industry move forward at a faster rate to do its part in supporting the environment.















Silent Supercars Technology

We have an team of supercar industry specialists who focus on each individual production components that are necessary for the development of such a specialized vehicle such as the SC1. Each part is essential to deliver a long-range solar electric supercar which performs to the highest level that for the end user to experience a real supercar ride. We have employed engineers who specialize in the supercar industry to manage aerodynamics the custom chassis performance all areas of suspension, and high performance to handling to ensure a smooth ride at high speed. Our highly efficient electric platform has a unique architecture design that has enabled us to use lightweight materials like chrome molly, aluminum, and carbon fibre to reduce weight and increase performance.

Production Components developed by Silent Supercars include:


  • * Chassis
  • * Powertrain
  • * Solar roof
  • * Software engineering


The development of our electric engines and high discharge battery packs and other electrical components are developed and are carried out in collaboration with engineering partners, who integrate Silent Supercars outstanding architecture. Silent Supercars final assembly is carried out by our highly qualified supercar specialists.


Be a Part of the Change – Invest in Silent Supercars

To bring this cause to light and make it a reality it has required a great deal of commitment by the whole team within Silent Supercars. We are using the environment around us to make the change but we need your help which enables us together as a collaborative team with your investment we can do it. Our motto is start at the top and let it filter down through the rest of the world. This will enable us to make the world a better place with clean air for all of us and our children to follow.



Option 1: Investments

Silent Supercars is backed by 10 years of industry success and experience in the solar electric sector with a highly motivated group of investors and industry specialists. In addition to this we have employed specialists with over 20 years’ experience from leading designers, engineers, composite constructors to achieve such a high-level supercar product. Our investor commitment is what enables the company (Silent Supercars Pty Ltd) to grow and produce such a high-level product. Be a part of history by becoming an investor in Silent Supercars. Its quick and easy with amounts starting from $100,000 AUD and above we will welcome your secured investment in company shares which will have an annual guarantee on interest of returns. You will benefit by supporting our developments that are needed to get all 52 silent supercars manufactured so that our solar electric supercars will be on the road asap, whilst you benefit from the value-growth of the Silent Supercars Pty Ltd the company.

There are a limited number of share allocations so please take action to avoid disappointment.

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Option 2: Investing to Secure a Supercar

When investing a minimum of $500,000 AUD which is approx. 33.33 percent you gain a unique opportunity to convert your shares into a deposit to secure a color of 1 of only 44 (SC1 or SC11) Silent Supercars limited editions by also choosing the exclusive color of your choice. If the option is exercised this section will require an approximate extra 66.66% investment to be able to move towards a secured order through one of our licensed dealers.

This section enables you the option to purchase a Silent Supercar by using your current share portfolio within the company (Silent Supercars Pty Ltd) by transfer of your shares back to Silent Supercars in exchange for a deposit on your Supercar through one of our global licensed dealers. This section is to help you avoid disappointment from missing out on one of these highly sought after Silent-Supercars and to allow you to be one of the proud owners of the worlds first solar electric supercars and help our environment around us today.

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Option 3: Equity Investment Funds

Are you a part of an accountant’s firm or do you represent an investment fund? For further information about equity investment opportunities, please go to contact us and click on INVEST and fill out the online form and one of our representatives will contact you asap.

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Headquarters Silent Supercars

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