It is our philosophy to offer our customers the best available solar powered Supercar with worldwide delivery with great range and speeds of up to 400kmh with electric motors.

A SILENT-SUPERCAR can drive up to 100 km a day, permanently for weeks without fuel. On top of that she has many options with propulsion tailored to our buyers needs. And she is unique, was the first of her kind, the original. Competitors have tried to copy Grant Hudsons design and technology to achieve self-sufficiency, up to now none of them succeeded. The SILENT-SUPERCARS System is safe, redundant and reasonably priced as you buy directly from the Supercar Factory.

The secret behind this is: Simplicity.

What is the difference between a Silent-Supercar and a conventionally powered car? The special configuration of the components guarantees, that the solar-cells generate enough power on an average day, than the total consumption for propulsion at cruising speed. So driving on a sunny day out on solar-power are a day-to-day unique experience.

The top-level energy-efficiency of SILENT SUPERCARS are achieved by:

  • Bionic design
  • Airodynamic-shape
  • Wind-drag optimised design
  • CNC-milling of the moulds
  • Construction in light weight carbon fibre
  • Light-weight and structurally strong Aluminum design
  • Soundproofing to the chassis
  • Durability and long term maintenance of value by using high quality resins

Special Features include:

  • Ergonomic design guarantees comfortable life in your Supercar
  • Innovative propulsions and technical devices grant high performance at very low maintenance costs
  • Modular construction and efficient design facilitate fancy ideas at a reasonable price
  • High performance equipment like Solar roof and light weight lithium consumer-battery
  • Autonomy – great range without the need to refuel, with upgrade options for up to 400kmh.

For rare occasions such as long-lasting bad weather situations over a longer period of time, you have the option to plug in your car charger in your very own home. As soon as the sun shines again, the batteries get a free refill. You save large amounts of fuel and money, protect the environment and enjoy comfortable, relaxed driving with fresh air the only thing you leave behind you, independent of weather or external resources.

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For more information about purchasing the limited edition MODELS of our Solar Electric Supercars, owner assistance, financial services or our purchase programs, contact:


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