Silent Supercars have designed a supercar without any mirrors

Silent Supercars world’s first solar electric Superluminal unveiled a mirrorless prototype in 2020 in Australia.

Silent Supercars designers are replacing rearview and sideview mirrors with camera monitoring systems this year. Australian based secret manufacturing factory of Silent Supercars Superluminal have already gotten the ok to begin producing limited edition vehicles without mirrors.

The Solar Electric Superluminal monitoring systems basically use cameras to stream high-resolution video to a display inside the vehicle.

For example, in the Superluminal prototype supercar shown above, a bullet camera is placed on each side of the car where a sideview mirror would normally be located. These cameras, which are designed to be noticeably smaller and are more aerodynamic than normal sideview mirrors, capture footage around the sides of the car in a much broader area than standard rear-view mirrors.

Silent Supercars bullet shape aerodynamic cameras replace the sideview mirrors in SUPERLUMINAL prototype.

Silent Supercars have placed a third rear camera integrated into the number plate holder inside the rear window also captures footage whatever is behind the supercar.

Silent-Supercars The rear camera inside the number plate holder of SUPERLUMINAL prototype.

Software in the vehicle is linked to different monitors in the appropriate locations within the vehicle which are top secret to date. This video stream is shown on a display located beside the vehicle propulsion information.

Silent-Supercars A display replaces the typical rearview mirror in Silent-Supercars SUPERLUMINAL.

Silent Supercars also has a full front and rear integrated sensor kit installed. The latest dash display if sensors detect potential threats or obstacles.

Silent Supercars wish to adopt camera systems because they provide a wider view to the driver, which helps eliminate blind spots. In addition, getting rid of bulky side mirrors which helps our supercars to become more aerodynamic.

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