A SILENT supercar can cruise up to 100 km a day without fuel, permanently and for weeks featuring virtually amazing range. SILENT solar power systems feed the electric propulsion of the supercars (short term speed up to 400kmh) for our largest e-motor propulsion system. What is the technology behind this?

Light-weight Lithium-Batteries provide ample energy for the propulsion as well as for all car technology , e.g.for lights, sat navigation, sterio system, air-conditioning, mobile, laptop etc. There are various types of lithium-batteries on the market. The brand we are using is among the most expensive ones. But they are best regarding liability, safety, performance, weight and life-span.

Cooling and Heating: When the windows have to be closed in bad weather, you can enjoy the unique aeration-system. It provides individually adjustable cool and fresh air at any time. It also can be combined with the air-conditioning. In reverse mode the heat-pump provides a cosy interior for an all-season use.

Heat Build-Up is quite a big problem in conventional cars, as combustion-engines emit about 70 % of the energy in form of heat. Electric-motors with an energy-efficiency of more than 90 % emit less than 10 %.  In addition SILENT supercars are equipped with a smart aeration-system.

Reliability: The solar-panels are integrated in the roof, so there is no wind-load on them. The batteries and electric-motors are inside the rear of the car in a dry and safe place. All wiring is tin-covered and all plugs are specially designed for car operation. All parts exposed to the environment are made of corrosion-resistant materials. All components are virtually free of maintenance. So the operating-costs are much lower than on a comparable conventionally powered car.

Luxury depends on energy, always available.  All kinds of electric consumers can be connected. Without operating a generator you can plug your computer or mobile phone into the car. This is “SILENT” and emission-free luxury.

Maintenance: The solarpanels have a guaranteed life-span of more than 25 years. After that time it will be quite cheap to replace them. The Lithium batteries have a guaranteed lifespan of 8 years. The electric motors are completely free of maintenance. So the maintenance-costs are much lower than on a comparable conventionally powered car.

Performance and Efficiency: Due to their exceptionally low weight, the streamlined aerodynamic shape, SILENT SUPERCARS have less headaches than other conventional fuel powered motor cars. This unique efficiency makes Silent Supercars fast and enables self-sufficient propulsion.

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